How To Get The Most Bookings From PrivateDelights


Dear Providers,

Here’s how you get the most bookings:


1. Reviews! The more reviews you get, the more clients you’ll see. Ask your regulars and new clients to review you. You can also offer Review Specials (we strongly recommend only offering them to established clients with reviews).

2. Pictures are very important. The higher the quality, the better. And post new ones regularly (especially the main preview image that is seen in search results).

3. If you’re available to see clients in a wide region, then post a listing for each city in that region.

4. If you’re touring, post a listing for each city you’re traveling to (as long as you post your travel dates in each listing). This way, you can collect pre-bookings before you even set foot in that city 😃

5. When you’re available in a city, turn on the green ‘available now’ light. This lets Clients know you’re available to see them in that location right away.

6. Bump each of your listings multiple times every day. If Clients see that you didn’t bump your listing, they’ll think you’re unavailable. (Even if you’re not seeing clients at that very moment, you can always take bookings for later.)

7. When you’re done traveling through a city, delete the listing. (If you’re frequently traveling to a particular city, you can leave that city’s listing up, and keep bumping it).


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out —

Enjoy 😃