Examples Of Reviews That Follow The Rules


At PrivateDelights, we have strict rules in place when it comes to leaving reviews:

  • No personally identifiable info (addresses, names etc).
  • No graphic details about intimate acts.

A lot of clients have been asking for ‘examples’ of good, helpful reviews that don’t cross the line. So we wrote some up.



The Escort Session

Summary: Young looks wrapped in an older soul = Incredible


I saw XYZ in the San Francisco Union Square area in a nice 4 star boutique hotel. As others have noted, booking can be challenging. I think she has more fans in the South Bay vs the City at least for the moment. Her ad pics are pro (makeup/hair) pics, they are most certainly her and she is super fucking cute on first impression, an impression that only got better during our hour together. She does have several smaller tattoos that have been airbrushed out if that is a deal breaker.

To me. she’s the best of both worlds, a younger girl who is mature for her age and relates well with men twice her age. While she was “GFE” that wasn’t why I had a great time, it was because she was just in the moment during our entire time together. I drove the session and she followed my lead beautifully, after some nice get to you know chat at the start. the rest of our time was filled with fun, sensual, flirty, passion. She’s very big on hygiene, I arrived freshly showered which she noted and complimented, and once she felt you were clean, she’s happy to get up close and personal with you.

I recommend, I’ll repeat, I might book a longer date next time.


The FBSM Session

Summary: Slippery, amazing fun


I have known XYZ on and off for a handful of years and just noticed she semi recently has joined PrivateDelights and wanted to share the good word.

Dee is a nightowl and while her FBSM is sexy slippery fun any time of the day it’s awesome that in the early evening someone of her beauty and quality is available. After a very blah couple of days at the office my week needed a pick me up, enter Dee and a mid evening outcall to my condo.

She arrived looking smashing as always, a hug & kiss and some catching up conversation before we moved to the bedroom/table setup where the magic happens.

Dee excused herself to the rest room for a change down into her bra/panties. Wow! Her body is maturing great and her natural rack is still top notch. While in the bedroom she did a little trick to heat her oil bottles and the hot oil made for a luxurious feel to the massage portion of the session.

Dee’s beauty and natural curves will always take top billing but she most certainly can provide a quality CMT styled massage. Dee is liberal in her use of oil much to my pleasure.

After a great massage, she moved on body-to-body, all the time paying attention to my needs and cues. She exhibited fantastic energy the entire time. I loved how in sync we were throughout the entirety of the massage — all the way until it ended with an incredible high note.

After cleaning me up she rejoined me on the table. We sipped some more wine, chatted how great it was to get reconnected and how much this session was.

She excused herself to shower and as I watched her body walk away I thought wow did I pick a great time to get reconnected with Dee and how much better the rest of my week was looking 🙂

I will definitely repeat.




We hope those examples help 😃